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Koch's, the oldest appliance and television retail company in Carbon  County, was established in 1963 by Richard (Dick) Koch and Faye Koch.  The first store was located in Normal Square, in the Mahoning Valley.  Koch's Maytag was a one brand, small showroom with Faye in the office  and Dick providing the service. It truly was a "mom & pop" business.

By 1965, the business began to outgrow its first location. So Dick and friend Mel Everett joined forces to form EV-KO, a furniture and  appliance partnership, and operated on North 3rd Street in Lehighton.  Televisions and stereos were added in 1966. With more brands and services available, the business quickly grew. Then a devastating fire  in 1968 destroyed the building. Mel and Dick found a temporary  storefront and service shop areas while rebuilding a new store at the  same site.

The partnership split in 1974. Mel stayed in the furniture business,  Dick founded Koch's TV & Appliances, Inc. and moved to our current  Lehighton location on Coal Street. Sons Kevin, company president, joined  the business in 1977 after college, and Tim, vice-president/secretary,  joined 10 years later, after serving in the Marines.

From 1989-2005 we operated our second location in Lansford. In 2000  we joined ADC (Appliance Dealers Co-Operative), one of the largest  buying groups in the country, offering more brands at competitive  pricing. In 2005 we moved from the Lansford location to Bowmanstown and  operated as Sheckler's TV & Appliances. After 5 years we relocated  our second store front to Palmerton going back to the Koch's TV &  Appliances name. In 2015 we decided to consolidate operations to one  location in Lehighton to better serve our customers with more choices  and better service.

From a "mom & pop" store in 1963 until the present, we've grown  in sales and a service staff of 11, our mission is and always will be,  to provide high quality service and a comprehensive choice of brands for  our customers. We extend our thanks to you for choosing Koch's for all your television and appliance needs.

Koch's TV & Appliances, Inc

Koch's TV & Appliances, Inc